5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water
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I believe drinking heaps of water every day is one of the keys to health and happiness so here are my 5 personal top tips to help you increase your daily water intake, let’s get to it!


I will level with you I am writing this in my home office a pint of water staring at me, I love water, I drink it in the morning as soon as I wake, before I practice yoga and before long surf sessions basically as much as I can, but that’s just me let’s make this personal…

Why should you, drink more water?


Let’s be honest how many of us actually drink the advised 2 litres or 8 x 250ml glasses of water every day? It can seem like such a drag but listen up, when you get used to drinking your daily quota you won’t stop! It’s sort of addictive in the best way!

I mean let’s not forget about the magical miracle that water is, the hangover reducing, fat burning, bloat reducing hydrating machine!

In no uncertain terms drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated is proven to be great for you, so keep these key benefits in mind…

Safe to say it’s a super magic potion.

So now the good stuff, here are my 5 Top Tips to help you up your daily water intake!


Keep these up and get some happy habits formed!

1. Keep a pint of water by your bed

If you don’t end up drinking it in the night upon waking hop yourself out of bed and challenge yourself to see it off in one go, I mean you don’t have to but drink it all and you will be off to a cracking start!

2. Carry a water bottle with you on all your trips/ journeys

This one is a double bonus! Firstly you reduce your plastic footprint by not buying silly single-use plastic bottles which us lot here at Bahasa of the sea love! (check out our Humble Hydrator bottles here), second, you never know when you may just need that rehydrating pick me up and it can be ice cold water (if your bottle is insulated) ok triple bonus the last one is that there are so many places to fill up your bottle again and again for free these days! Even when travelling the world, save money and our precious environment!

3. At work keep your bottle or glass of water on your desk or within your eyesight

You will find that you end up reaching for it all the time and quickly end up drinking more water. The bonus here is that it’s an excuse to get up to stretch your legs and fill up your bottle/ glass, you may find you need the loo more but that’s just another great reason to get up and keep on moving about!

4. Not everyone likes plain old water but hold up before reaching for the sugary squash! 

Couple of options to spice up your water, leave cucumber in a jug or water or your water bottle overnight and you have a delicious refreshing electrolyte filled bottle/ jug of water cold and ready to go, alternatively experiment by adding a squeeze of lemon or lime for more zesty goodness, another genius post sport tip is to add a pinch of salt to the lemon water for a really great rehydration drink!

5. ‘I’ll have a water please’

Look let’s be real its rare when we drink alcohol that we ask for water too but if you can remember its well worth an ask, alcohol is a diuretic and that means to you and I that you may need the loo more and are likely to get dehydrated, leading to one hell of a hangover. The tip here is when it’s your round ask for a pint of water too and drink that at the bar, saves carrying it and keeps your night moving on in a positive direction. The best bit is, keep up those cheeky waters and fingers crossed your hangover won’t be nearly as bad. And lastly don’t forget that glass you left by your bed when you get home (or where ever you end up laying your head!) drink that large glass of water and refill it for the morning, hungover you will thank me!

Any other sweet tips we should be aware of?

Secret delicious recipes for fruit infused water?

Comment below!

Cheers gang,



Bahasa of the sea


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