Who we are…

Bahasa of the sea, est. 2018 is more than a company, we are sustainable lifestyle advocates, promoting a better way of living for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

The initial concept for Bahasa of the sea was born in Bali, with the aim to supply high quality sustainable goods to the world and reduce our dependence on disposable single use items. Our founder Ben a keen surfer and yoga instructor was fed up with the plastic waste he had seen polluting the marine environment around the world. It can be easy to avoid noticing the effects that our plastic waste has on our environment, however as a surfer especially in the Balinese wet season paddling out through plastic, hoping not to land a plastic bag or worse to the face when you duck dive is a daily occurrence, it’s even sadder when you witness a turtle pop up next to you in the line up having to avoid the same floating trash in it’s own home.

Something had to be done.



Bahasa meaning language in Indonesian promotes the awareness of the language of the sea, how can we as humans be more aware of it’s needs and help promote, provide and sustain a thriving ocean environment for all it’s inhabitants and the worlds!

We know that it is not possible to change the world by ourselves, we have to work together both as individuals, companies, countries and overall as inhabitants of this beautiful planet to promote awareness and initiate real change with the hope that we can help to reduce the damage already caused.

We cant wait for you to join us on our journey to a more sustainable way of life for all.


You may have noticed that we have not been active here, that is because Ben our founder has followed his other passion and is now a film producer based in Cornwall.

Find out more here: 

Film Portfolio

Thank you for your support on this journey!


Founder of Bahasa of the sea